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Government Recovery Services, LLC was founded by a team of individuals with more than ten years of industry experience. Our founders saw a need for specialized debt recovery and other services in government agencies. Knowing that they bring value to and provide relief to our already-strained government employees, they decided to branch off on their own to be able to provide crucial and customizable services to our government agencies. 

Our Veteran owner, Treg, brings invaluable experience to GRS with his vast and highly skilled background in technology and systems services. As a Navy veteran, Treg developed exceptional problem-solving and leadership skills that he applies to his work at GRS. With a passion for developing innovative solutions, He has played a crucial role in helping GRS leverage technology to enhance our processes, and his commitment to excellence and dedication to serving government entities has been a driving force behind GRS's success.

Amy, our majority-owner, brings over 10 years of debt collection experience to

Government Recovery Services. As the former Vice President of Collections with another agency, Amy saw a crucial need for specialized collection services in our government sectors. With her expertise and commitment, we've become a leading agency in recovering assets owed to government entities. Her passion for providing exceptional service to our clients and helping individuals find a way to pay their debts is at the heart of everything we do at GRS.

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We uphold ethical and professional standards of the highest order throughout the debt collection process to maintain the trust and credibility of our clients and customers. Our 'People First' approach has helped numerous consumers achieve amicable resolutions for their outstanding accounts while safeguarding their valuable relationships with clients.


At our core, we strive to provide services that bring value to our clients, and we unapologetically treat everyone with dignity and respect. Our commitment to preserving the integrity and professionalism of our clients and their customers is unwavering.


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